Certified Fire Safety Professional (CFSP)

  • Fire Prevention & Protection at work places
  • Program - 03 D Days / 24 hrs.
  • Maxmim Batch Size of 25
  • Life saving lessons on key Fire accidents scenarios', Case studies and Group discussions
  • Compliance of fire laws and NBC 2016 Part-4
  • Building & personnel Safety, PEE's
  • Evacuation & Emergency preparedness
  • Program to be in-line with QCI-NABET Guidelines

Assurance of Competence

  • Certified person is an assurance of professional conduct
  • Reduced downtime of equipment used by certified professional
  • Reduced Timelines for Hiring Processes
  • Reduced Intangible & linked cost such as insurance, potential loss
  • Certification Bring confidence among various share-holders
  • Certification helps maintain and upgrade professional knowledge
  • Reduced Cost of Training